Policy’s and procedures 

rULES AND rEGULATIONS pike and course section

1: Upon joining the club all members accept the rules


2: Competitors cannot have any live bait either hooked or on the bank


3: Live or dead frogs are not allowed


4: Anglers can only use 2 rods and 2 set of hooks


5: Competitors must hook, play  a fish on his/her own (unless Juniors – help can be given for our young anglers by their guardian)


6: Time will be given to land a fish once hooked before final whistle


7: Rods must not be left unattended; stewards may reel in any unattended rods


8: Competitors must obey stewards


9: No dead fish will be allowed to be weighted in. 


10: All fish must be returned alive to count


11: All fish must be using scales and a weight sling


12: Each angler is responsible for keeping their fish alive while waiting on a steward


13: Any fish caught by a steward must be witnessed by an independent steward or a competitor


14: All weights must be logged by stewards or a 2nd person to witness  and logged


15: Any weights doctored or changed will not be allowed


16: Any objection must be made at final whistle and before results


17: Disputes will be discussed at next committee meeting.


18: Stewards or individuals found in breach of these rules will face committee and corrective action to be taken if any


19: Committee has the right to revisit any results in light of new evidence



20: Life jackets must be worn in boats at all times.