competition results

The League Table Feb-Dec 2020

ague table as follows from the 20th oct

Biggest bag

1st Noel hayes
2nd Tommy williams
3rd. Mick i donoghue

4th  Neil pope

Heaviest fish 

1st Denis kerley.          14lb7oz

2nd Darragh williams. 12lb7oz

3rd jack pike.                10lb12oz

4th Tomas Hogan.        10lb04oz

5th steven o donnell     10lb

6th Noel o donnell          9lb15oz

Charlene took a prize for achievement on the biggest fish of the year with a 1200lb six gill shark

Martin Kiely to receive his prize for his achievement in san Francisco on becoming world champion spay caster


Biggest bag

1st Ciaran O Donnell         20lb09oz

2nd glynn O Connell.        15lb08oz

3rd James Moore              5lb12oz

4th Jamie Hickey               4lb01oz


BIggest Fish

Jack Kiely    13lb.

All kids who fished recieved prizes on the day for their achievements and learning during the year.

We would like to thank the ESB Fisheries for sponsoring the Prizes on the day   and also the Tulla and district angling club for sponsoring a couple of prizes on the day


1st Noel Hayes.                 5 fish.   45lb04oz

2nd  Tommy Williams    7fish 32lb03oz

3rd denis kerley. 2fish 28lb 02oz

3rd. Mick o donoghue. 3 fish 28lb 02oz

5thDarragh Williams.    4 fish.    27lb

6th Charlene Dillon.    3 fish.  15lb10oz

7th Neil Pope.                2 fish 14lb08oz

 8th Thomas Hogan.     2 fish 12lb07oz

9th Jack pike.              2 fish.   11lb 06oz

10th Stephan O Donnell    2 fish   11lb

11th Noel o Donnell.      1 fish 9lb 15oz

12th john boy                        1 fish  6lb

13th Stuart Edwards.         2 fish.   5lb 06oz

14th Ger Whelen.                 1 fish 5lb 2oz

15th Robert Barrett           1 fish  3lb

16th Jeffery sheenhan       1 fish.  3lb 

17th kevin Foley                  1 fish    2lb  6oz

18th Peter Hannan.            1 fish    1lb 08 oz


Ciaran o Donnell.         4 fish   20lb 3oz 

Jack kiely.                       2 fish  16lb 

Glyn O Connell.              2 fish 15lb08oz 

James Moore.                   1 fish   5lb12oz

Jamie Hickey.                 1 fish  4lb01 oz

Competition18th Oct

 results as follows


1st  Cian Kirley                     13lb04oz           

2nd  Darragh Kirley.             11lb04oz

3rd Noel Hayes.                      8lb05oz                




1st James Moore.      5lb120z




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