Limerick & District Anglers Association will have ESB permits for the Mulcair, Lower Shannon and the Trout permit that cover the Mulcair and Lower Shannon from Tuesday 18th of February 2020.

There is a new salmon permit for the Castleconnll beats.

The Castleconnll beats will now be known as the Castleconnll fishery which means from the gap of the dam at the worlds end to the end of the Bush hole is now open fishing and will no longer be divided into beats, permits can be got at the ESB fishery department Ardnacrusha for a annual cost of 140 euros to club members and 200 euros to non members, OAP and juveniles members Castleconnll permits are 120 euros.

There are 50 permits allocated for the Castleconnll fishery anybody interested should contact ESB Ardnacrusha Generating Station.

The same reduction will apply to all club members on the Mulcair and lower Shannon permits as previous years.

Please note there will be no permits issued without proof of 2020 state license for salmon

Please note, read the rules of the permits that you have purchased before you go fishing as there are some changes to the conditions from previous years

Tight lines guys