To all members

As from Tuesday morning these signs will be up across castleconnell. There will be 15 in total.

These will be placed from worlds end car park at slip at the top of what use to be beat 1 and will be put at all sections on the salmon fishery right down to the bush hole at what use to be beat 6.

There will be NO PIKE or COURSE fishing allowed within this area. Anyone caught will be prosecuted we have been informed as of this morning. We ADVISE all members to abide by this.

Any permits issued for this fishery will NOT entitle you to fish this, for pike or course fish. The permit applies ONLY to salmon.

Course and pike fishing IS ALLOWED from BELOW the bush hole and from ABOVE beat 1 worlds end car park to O Brian’s Bridge.

All beat signage is currently been removed by ESB and the old beat system is been scrapped and been called Castleconnell Fishery.

The club will have permits from Tuesday evening and we should be in a position to issue.

CLUB DISCOUNTS will only apply to club members. Other wise full cost will apply.