It been the year of the almighty Salmon and with the good news the club recieved two weeks with the opening of the lower Shannon, we were invited by the ESB to the hatchery at Parteen Weir today

We had a good turn out from the club with about 20 anglers turning up both young and old. With some of our senior members to one of our youngest.

We were treated to a powerpoint presentation about the life cycle of the Salmon and how the ESB are trying to preserve them. We also heard about the fish past and the counters and how the manage the Salmon.

We also heard about the silver and yellow eels. Their life cycle how and where they come from. After listening to all we were then brought to see how they get the eggs and how they milk the males. From there we seen the fry. A very interesting day.

It is in all our interest to help and protect this wonderful fish and with the lower Shannon back open we can concur that catch and release is the way to go. With our anglers back been able to do what they like to do and after hearing the questions our club members, had asked today we can safely say the salmon and the fisheries will be protected by our club members.
We are proud of our club and our club members were the ones asking all the questions. The interest the showed was outstanding.