Well done to all our team at the Limerick and district who include Martin Kiely, Kevin Hannan, John O Connell and senator Kieran O Donnell your hard work has paid off this is fantastic news for this region and the club. It will be so good to see anglers back on the rivers again. For sticking with this issue plus the hard work the IFI have put in to do the counts etc to establish these figures.

The IFI have worked quite hard with counts and thier team as hard trying to help rebuild the stocks. It was hard for anglers to sit back and not be able to fish but it has now paid off and can catch the king of the water the almighty Salmon. Our anglers cherrish the beautiful fish and respect it and will enjoy of watching it return safely to the waters.

It has been a hard road for all and for the IFI and ourselves, but it has worked out. With both teams having not seeing eye to eye at times both teams being professional it worked out. With a change in our own ranks and trying to rebuild where at time’s it was hard we hope this new relationship with the IFI and the ESB we can now carry on with good deeds and get more anglers back on the river.

As our club is bring on new anglers, this will all help and with investment from the IFI  to bring us along

A big thank you to all parties involved here it’s a great day