We had a good showing today for our 1st league competition with 26 anglers turning out. We also had a few joining the club which is brill.

As the anglers will tell it was a bit off a messy day weather wise, with a constant drizzle. Fishing was good to get off to with the 1st fish meet 30 mins after wet lines. Charlene did nothing wrong but the fish just turned and got away. Not been disheartened she baited up and off again and it payed off at just gone 11am she landed a small jack at just under 2 pounds.

With that reports were coming across the lake that last years winner noel hayes had landed a fish at just under 5lb. On hearing this charlene was head strong and getting another and it payed off. A 2nd for charlene at 2lb02oz was in the bag.

The rain and drizzle picked up with a few more fish lost but then went quite. How ever just before the end more reports from around the lake. Stuart edwards who was fishing top side of lake with another winner from last year Jack Pike. Yes his name is Jack Pike.

The 2 lads got onto the league board with Stuart thinking he had a cracker with a huge fight landed a fish at 4lb 06 oz and Jack landing another. And just as the wissel went Kevin Foley got himself on the board with a fish just over 2lb.

We can see from the start it is going to be another cracking table this season. We have both tables for the league up shortly both heaviest fish and bag.

All fish were released safe and sound with no injuries and live to fight another day.