Good day to all

We are nearly getting down to the wire now that we have only 2 competitions left, things are getting very interesting on our league table after Lough Gur. It is never too late, and the last 2 venues can throw up some great fish so its far from over yet ? although an interesting battle is shaping up.

Jack Pike the unknown mystery Cork, Limerick or Kerry man with no id or passport or real name has his nose in front with the highly experienced quiet man Noel Hayes sneaking up behind him. My money is on Noel Hayes for plassey, he has fished it for nearly 70 years………

Young gun Lee Duggan waiting in the wings, one decent day in Plassey he’ll blow ye all away, a brilliant young angler and a gentleman too.

If Seamus Coffey comes back he’ll upset things too.

Then we have Father & Son team Williams pretending they aren’t even trying hard but we all know they are deadly men with a smelt, we have to watch them fellas, they would catch a fish in a barrel.

Not far behind is the weather woman Charlene, shes after investing in new chesties and fancy gear so she wont be going down without a fight after spending a fortune on new gear.

After that its a pure dogfight and anyone of the rest with a decent fish or two will be knocking on the door.

We haven’t forgotten the brilliant anglers either who have yet to catch a fish, between blaming bad weather, cold, snow, wind, sun, rain and the committee picking brutal venues, we wouldn’t write them off yet either…… I would be putting a quiet fiver on the Foley lad and the Edwards chap…..

Who’s gonna do the job and win the jackpot

Our next competition will be held this coming Sunday 07.04.2019 at Castleconnell.

Check in at 0930 at the crossroads in Castleconnell outside Lee’s shop, fishing from 10:00 – 16:00 as last time we checked in at Worlds end it was very difficult with the rowing club there at the same time.

Fishing from O’Brien’s Bridge itself down to Worlds end, no fishing upstream of the bridge towards the dam. Fishing on both sides of the river. We hope to have the club boats out to bring people around and check fish etc.

Please note after the final competition at Plassey next Sunday week 14.04.2019 we plan to ask all members and their families to join us (venue to be decided) for the prize giving ceremony, we hope to make it an enjoyable evening with great final prizes, finger food & refreshments. We will have a raffle for some extra bits and pieces and fun for the kids. Anyone that would like to throw in a few bits for the raffle it would be highly appreciated.

We will check in at Musgraves for 0830 and fish from 0900 – 1500, we would like everybody to join us at 1700 until 1900. Please spread the word and all are very welcome.